youtube monetization

How to Monetize YouTube Videos? YouTube Secrets for Beginners!

Youtube marketing & algorithms & Instagram power usage. Guide YouTubers How to Vlog Like a Pro and Become the Best social media Influencers.

Why is monetization on YouTube such a troublesome question? 

Since its launch in 2007, YouTube has formidably established itself as a content creation platform for insanely talented people with mid-tier equipment to broadcast their lives and showcase their talents and promote it with YouTube marketing strategies. In other words, you. Having a YouTube channel has come a long way from being a side gig to a full-time career in 2020. Everyone wants to be the face of the camera and rake in millions in fan following, sipping mojitos in the Bahamas and reviewing Apple Watches.

This book spills the secrets and provides actionable strategies on monetizing your channel, not next year, next summer, but today. It draws analysis from use-cases and examples of highest-earning YouTubers and curates insights on what you can do and not do. Being talented is not enough. Modern-day YouTubers require just more than what’s expected of them. There are rules to be followed and things to be understood. With this book, you have all information in one place. All curious questions and thoughts that will stay afloat in your mind throughout your YouTube journey are answered. 

Expect to embrace a change of lifestyle. Expect to see your perspectives change. Expect to see your channel finally bring results you wanted. You are in for an overhaul, and we will work together.

I invite you to take the journey and make it count!