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What is Monetization of a YouTube Channel?

Monetization is the process to make any YouTube channel capable to generate money. When a channel is monetized, it means YouTube now allows you to show advertisements on your uploaded videos. For every ad displayed on your videos, YouTube gives you the revenue. In this way, earning money on YouTube becomes easy and millions of people are making a handsome income on monthly basis. Without monetization, a channel is not beneficial if it is made for the purpose of earning money.

Requirements to Monetize!

In early stages, it was very easy to make a channel monetized. But with the passage of time, the rules for monetization became strict by YouTube. And it announced some requirements for the monetization of YouTube channels.

1: The watch time of the channel to qualify monetization should be 4000 hours. That is approximately 240,000 minutes. Suppose you have a video of 30 minutes, then it should have 8000 views to reach to the required watch hours. Is is recommended that initially you have long videos which are between 30 to 60 minutes. Because it will help to gain 4000 watch hours in short time period. Shorter videos means more videos and hence, more views needed to get 4K hours. So always try to upload long videos before monetization.

2: The number of subscribers should be at least 1000 for a channel requesting monetization. The subscribers should be permanent and organic. So that they never drop below 1K. In this way the second condition fulfills.

Once both of the conditions are met, now you are qualified for YouTube monetization of your channel and starting making money. Keep in mind that all the requirements are met without compromising the quality of views and subscribers. Because YouTube monitors all these measures on regular basis. And the issue of suspension may arise if they are suspicious about any wrong activity on your channel.

Reason to Buy YouTube Monetization Package for your Channel:

The process of monetization is not a simple task for new channels even for old ones. And it can take months and years without any guarantee. When you buy YouTube monetization package for your channel, the process becomes shorter. And it takes only 2 weeks to get the status of monetization. These days the competition is great and all YouTubers are looking the ways to monetize their channel. And the best option is buying this service without wasting time.

Below packages are for 4000 Watch hours (Videos length should be between 20 Min to 60 Min+) + 1K Subscribers

YouTube monetization

60+ Minutes Video
Price : $150youtube monetization



30+ Minutes Video
Price : $200 buy youtube monetization



20+ Minutes Video
Price : $250 buy youtube channel monetization



Important: (Please read before placing order)

  • Please upload at least one video that has length between 20 to 60+ minutes. If the video length is less than the recommended, the order will still run. But because of the not enough watch hours, you will have to buy again more views from here. That will costs you more.
  • Don’t use other views while adding watch times.
  • Please do not make any video restricted or private before the completion of your order.
  • Please do no hide your channel subscribers count.

Tip to Place Order!

Select a package according to the length of your uploaded videos. Fill in the form below with the link of the video you want watch time on. And the email address. And proceed to pay.